To become a wholesale buyer Fabrika Decoru store, please, first register on our website and carefully fill in all the required fields in the form that you can see in your personal cabinet. Our administration will check your data and confirm your entry as a wholesale buyer. After that you will have access to the wholesale prices of our store.

Please note, if you are not registered and/or not authorized as a wholesale customer, you will not be able to shop at wholesale prices.

On all questions, we will be glad to reply by e-mail sale@fdeco.eu

Important information

  • Our company works only with stores, wholesale agents or distributors. We do not sell goods at wholesale prices for personal use and also joint purchases.
  • The minimum amount of the first order must be at least 200 euros (200 USD) not including shipping charges. The paid amount of the next orders should be more than 100 Eur (100 USD). If the total cost of goods in the placed order (before applying the discount, if exists) is less than this amount, we will be forced to add the costs of its processing and packaging.
  • We can work on the Dropshipping scheme. Please contact our managers by e-mail: sale@fdeco.eu to find out the detailed conditions.
  • Placing in your own online stores, blogs, other social services and networks, wholesale prices (or any parts of them) of "Fabrika Decoru" products is strictly prohibited. Upon detection of such cases, any cooperation with such clients will be canceled.
  • Collecting wholesale orders are carried out within 2-10 working days after receipt of payment.
  • In the wintertime, we won’t able to send some of our mixed media products (Liquid Dots, Liquid Drops, Acrylic paints, Deco glazes, Texture gels, Mediums, and some adhesives). The products listed above shall not be frozen. Please, pay attention to reading the description of chosen goods.


    For wholesale customers, there are 3 ways to deliver orders to countries around the world:

    1. Via logistics warehouse in Poland

    FDeco forwarding from Polish warehouse to the EU

    You can choose this option for orders with a gross weight of more than 50kg.

    Using this way of delivery we offer the following benefits to our wholesale clients:

    • All shipments of orders are made from a warehouse in Poland.
    • Delivery of your order is made from our production in Ukraine to the Polish logistic warehouse regularly every 2-3 weeks per month (it might be more often in a high season).
    • All orders (goods) undergo customs clearance and are officially imported into the EU.
    • No additional markups and surcharges. The final cost of the goods (at the point of the logistics warehouse in Poland) includes only the cost of delivery from Ukraine to the warehouse in Poland as well as customs clearance charges.

    Important notes:

    1) the added value for 1kg of delivered and customs cleared goods (on the territory of the EU) is 1,75€ (including customs clearance fees) for orders with a weight below 100kg and 1,3€ (including customs clearance fees) for those above. This means the following points will affect the cost of your order:

    • The shipping cost from our production in Ukraine to a warehouse in Poland is 1,75€/1kg (1.3€/1kg for orders with a weight above 100kg);

    • The shipping cost from a warehouse in Poland to your address. We operate with the following delivery services: Furgonetka.pl, DPD, DHL, InPost, Raben group.

    2) when placing an order on behalf of your company, please indicate in the comment field whether the company is a VAT payer in the EU. Also, indicate the registered VAT number. 

    Please note: our company ArtHobby, acting as a representative of Fabrika Decoru on the territory of the EU and Poland is a VAT payer. Invoices for payment will be issued on this basis.

    3) when choosing this way of delivery, only one payment method is available: bank transfer to the company named ArtHobby SP. z o.o. (VAT payer). Please do not make payment until our managers confirm your order and issue an invoice.

    2. By Ukrainian post (for small orders)

    This way of shipping supposes that your order will be shipped by air (most expensive, but the fastest way) or by ground (sea) way (cheapest).

    By air mail the delivery time usually takes (approximately):

    • 12-14 days to European countries;

    • 14 days to other countries;

    By ground (sea) transport the delivery time usually takes (approximately):

    • 12-14 days to European countries;

    • 60-90 days to other continents (South and North America, Australia, Afrika)

    Other terms for ordinary delivery via Ukrainian post:

    You are responsible for assuring that the product can be lawfully imported to your destination country. International orders (shipped to countries outside of Ukraine) may be subject to import taxes, customs duties and fees levied by the destination country. These fees are levied once a shipment reaches your country and must be borne by the recipient. We have no control over these charges and can’t predict what they may be. Customs fees and policies are different from country to country and can change regularly. You should contact your local customs (post) office for further information. When customs clearance procedures are required by your country, it can cause delays beyond our delivery estimates.

    Also please note, we cannot be liable for any delays while your order is delivered.

    When placing an order for delivery outside of Ukraine, you are considered the importer of record and must comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Charges for duties, taxes and the carrier’s collection fees are in addition to your shipping charge and must be borne by you (unless otherwise agreed with our manager).

    We are able to provide and put in the parcel the receipt of Ukrainian type with the indicated amount in UAH. The commercial invoice cannot be issued.

    We cannot be liable for any delays due to packages held at customs.

    We cannot be liable for any damages or loss of packages shipped internationally due to the carrier.

    We CAN NOT and DO NOT accept returns for items shipped internationally.

    Some items may require special handling as specified by local regulations governing the transport of these items, therefore, the shipment of some products to certain locations may not be possible.

    The items' prices are exclusive of any import duties, taxes and shipping charges. For more information about international shipping please contact our sales department via email sale@fdeco.eu.

    3. Direct shipping from Ukraine by a transport company (for heavy loads)

    Fabrika Decoru staff has a successful experience with many international deliveries abroad by ground transport as well as by air. We are able to arrange international shipping of products to any country on EXW, FCA, CPT terms (Incoterms 2010). We are able to supply customs clearance export procedures by ourselves. Using this way the recipient gets officially imported goods. Please note: this way of goods supply will have an economical profit if the order amount is approx. equal to 2000Eur (1 standard euro pallet, 300kg of gross weight, 1.3-1.5 CBM of volume).


    To arrange the international supply we (both the seller and the buyer) should provide the next steps:

    • sign the contract of international supply;

    • get the inquiry as an order, placed on our website under the wholesale account;

    • prepare all necessary documents to pass all customs clearance formalities (Fabrika Decoru's staff provides);

    • agree on a possible date of cargo dispatching;

    • collect and pack goods on pallet(-s) (standard size L*W*H= 1200*800*<1600);

    • dispatch the cargo;

    • supply all further procedures indicated in the contract (regarding agreed terms of delivery);

    • the buyer is required to pay the shipping cost and all necessary customs taxes and charges.

    For more information about international shipping please contact our sales department via email at sale@fdeco.eu.

    Important notice! Once you log in to our web store and place an order, you will be contacted (by email or by any messenger, if necessary) by our manager to check all shipping details. Based on the calculated volumetric weight, conditions of delivery and the recipient country, as well as the cost of the items in the order, our manager will tell you the final price (order amount + shipping + all charges of chosen payment system). Please do not pay for your order before you agreeing all the details with our manager!

    If you have any questions, please, contact us.


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